Carpet Design

Carpet Design For Your New Home

Carpets can add warmth and personality to a room, and create a canvas for creative decor. The color of the carpet can also be a good starting point for the coloring of the furniture and accessories that will surround it.

A well-chosen carpet can add resale value to your home. It can also help you make a space that feels like your own.

Patterned Carpets

When choosing carpet for your new home you have many choices to make from color, type, texture, and patterns. Patterned carpets are a popular choice and can add a unique style to any room. They also work well in homes that get a lot of foot traffic, as they tend to hide dirt more effectively than other types of flooring.

There are a variety of different options to choose from for patterned carpets, and the best option will depend on your personal taste and the design of your home. For example, swirling patterned carpets can add an antique touch to your home, while pin dot patterns are perfect for adding a modern look to your living space.

In addition to deciding what sort of pattern you want, you will also need to think about the color you would like to go with. When considering the color of your carpet, it is important to keep in mind that darker colors will show dirt more easily than light shades, so it’s a good idea to opt for something lighter for high-traffic areas such as living rooms or stairs.

Another factor to consider when choosing a patterned carpet is the kind of pile you would like. Pile describes how the fibers are formed into a particular texture, and it is possible to have both cut and looped piles. Cut-pile carpets are sheared and reveal the fiber, making them softer, while looped carpets are made from twisted fibers and have a lower profile.

If you want to ensure your patterned carpet will hide dirt efficiently, it is a good idea to opt for a low-profile or cut-pile option. This will help to conceal the dirt and will keep your carpet looking great for longer.

As with choosing the color of your carpet, it is a good idea to bring paint swatches with you when shopping for patterned carpets. This will give you a better idea of how the carpet will blend with your room, and you can be sure that the carpet will match the color scheme of your home.

Textured Carpets

Carpet may get a bad rap as being more old fashioned than hardwood floors, but this floor option offers a number of practical benefits that make it very attractive. It’s soft, warm underfoot, and helps to insulate rooms, saving on energy costs. It also adds a level of slip resistance, making it less likely to cause falls. Additionally, the padded texture can reduce noise levels and can cushion steps, making them safer for younger children or elderly family members who may trip.

A wide choice of colors means carpet can fit any decorating scheme. Carpet also works well with many furniture styles, including modern and antique pieces. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that carpet colors can change with light and color, so a sample is always a good idea.

Textured carpets are a very popular style because of the way they look and feel. They’re less likely to show footprints or other stains than plush carpets and can offer a variety of textures. They’re often created by swirling individual yard strands into spirals and then pressing them using a heated steamer. The twisting process gives them a unique appearance that blends well with contemporary or antique styles of furniture. A textured carpet will not be as soft or fluffy as a plush carpet, however, so it’s probably better to choose this type of rug for a bedroom or other casual living spaces.

The texture of a carpet is largely determined by how the fibers are treated during production. They can be tightly twisted, have varying yarn thickness, or be made of both loop and twisted fibers. This creates a different look and feel for the flooring and can make it hard wearing. These carpets are a great choice for busy households because they’re durable and less likely to show dirt or tracks over time.

If environmental friendliness is a major concern for you, consider choosing a natural fiber carpet such as wool, sisal, jute, or seagrass. These natural products are non-toxic, biodegradable, sustainable, and less allergenic than most synthetic materials.

Coloured Carpets

Whether you choose a light shade to brighten up a small room, or a deeper hue to create a warm and inviting family space, carpet colour has the power to transform a home. Carpet manufacturers have responded to homeowners’ desire for great looks, value and easy maintenance with a host of new innovations and options in recent years.

It’s important to keep in mind that carpet is a hard-wearing floor covering and stains tend to show up quite easily. It’s a good idea to consider how often you want to vacuum, and how much foot traffic there will be in the room you’re installing it in before selecting the color.

Expert tip: Light colours can make rooms feel larger by refracting natural light, while darker shades are ideal for hiding dirt and debris in high-traffic areas.

A wide variety of carpet fibres are available, from wool for comfort and style to polyester and polypropylene for durability and stain resistance. The latter two are especially hard-wearing and easy to clean, making them a good choice for busy spaces.

There are also a number of different styles of carpet available, from cut-pile where the fibres are sheared to reveal them, or loop pile where they’re twisted and have a lower profile, to Saxony which has long, soft fibres that are brushed up to create a luxurious finish.

Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to experiment and try a few samples in your room. The way that carpets look in a living space changes dramatically with the amount of natural or artificial light, and even with the furniture that you have in the room.

Unless you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, it’s always best to go with neutral shades like greys and beiges for carpeting in living spaces. This allows you to appeal to a wider range of buyers and will increase your home’s resale value. But that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce a pop of color with a statement rug or a piece of wall art. It’s just a case of choosing the right shades that work with your overall decorating scheme and lifestyle.


Runners are long, narrow carpets that are traditionally placed in hallways and staircases to add comfort and style. They protect underlying hardwood floors from scuffing and are available in different lengths, widths, and patterns to suit any design scheme. Having runners in your new home is a great way to make rooms feel more comfortable and welcoming. They also help define spaces within open floor layouts by creating visual boundaries between areas of the house.

Carpet runners are available in a variety of materials, including wool and synthetic blends. Wool is known for its durability and stain resistance, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. However, some homeowners prefer the look of natural fibers like sisal and jute, which are durable and affordable. If you decide to use a natural fiber, choose a woven option, rather than a tufted or looped style. These types of runners will stand up better to wear and tear, but may be less durable than other styles.

Another benefit of having a carpet runner in your home is that it can be used as an anchor for furniture, such as chairs or benches. It can also help to prevent slipping on stairs, which is a common problem in homes with hard wood surfaces. To keep your runner from sliding, you can install hook-and-loop anchors. These anchors consist of a loop on one end and a hook on the other, which you can slip through the loop on your runner or carpet pad.

Choosing the right carpet for your home is a big decision that should be made with consideration to how you plan on using your space. Having the right carpet will ensure your home feels warm and inviting, while also protecting the underlying flooring from damage and increasing the lifespan of your home’s wood floors. If you are considering carpeting your new home, contact a local carpet store to find the perfect carpet for you.

Carpet runners add an extra layer of protection to hardwood floors and other kinds of hard flooring that are prone to damage especially in high traffic areas. They are also aesthetically pleasing and come in a wide variety of colors to complement any décor.